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October 10, 2021

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Aviation Veterans Launch SUITS ON THE GROUND

World’s First Private Jet Concierge Service

(Las Vegas, Nevada) – AB Aviation Group has announced the launch of SUITS ON THE GROUND, an innovative new concierge service providing private jet travelers with an unprecedented level of personal attention. “SUITS” can be booked by charter brokers, corporate flight departments, air carriers, or directly by aircraft owners and passengers.

SUITS ON THE GROUND is the brainchild of AB Aviation Group partners David Rimmer, Andy Ferguson, and Omar Diaz, each of whom understand the unique needs of private jet users, and the importance of getting all the details just right.   AB CEO and ‘Chief Suit’ Rimmer says “our goal is to serve as a brand extension for providers and respond to flyers’ changing needs right up to the time of departure, arrival or both.”

With business aviation activity at record highs and a large influx of new customers, it is easy for passengers to get lost in the shuffle at crowded FBOs.  SUITS ON THE GROUND offers a variety of customizable on-site services, including meet and greets, large event coordination, facilitating ground transportation, arranging baggage pick-up and delivery, restocking aircraft for busy crews, buying pet treats, toys for the kids – even arranging on-board celebrations of special events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Rimmer added, “The unique advantage of the SUITS team is our experience.  We’re not just there for show, but to apply the depth of our experience and react to situations that can only be done by being present,” adding, “we give our clients a physical presence everywhere they fly.”

To book Suits on the Ground and for further information e-mail suits@abaviationgroup.com.

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