AB Aviation Group


Charter Sales

We support Part 135 air carriers and aircraft owners who want to increase the volume and quality of charter sales.

With our worldwide contacts and decades of experience, we understand how to increase and maximize revenue – whether the charter market is robust (as it is now) or in lean times when competition is fierce.

Air Carriers & Aircraft Owners

AB Aviation Group’s experts will evaluate your current charter pricing and strategy, assess the competition and provide an actionable plan for revenue growth whether you own or manage a G650, Pilatus PC-12 or anything in between.

We can advise you confidentially or represent aircraft fleets or individual aircraft to the charter buying community to help raise visibility and boost your bottom line.

Charter Customers

As veteran charter brokers and aircraft operators, we know the choice of private aircraft and charter providers can be daunting. 

Allow AB Aviation Group’s experts to help you cut through the salesmanship and seemingly endless options and identify the right aircraft from the right operator at the right price for your next trip.

All charter operators are NOT created equal. The single most important factor in your choice of a charter provider should be safety, not price. If you wouldn’t choose a surgeon with a Google search or based on the lowest cost option, it’s best to use that same caution when flying private.

There is so much more to vetting your operator than knowing if they are licensed or focusing on the cosmetic appeal of an aircraft.

Important considerations for Charter Buyers and Aircraft Owners.

  • The carrier’s safety culture
  • What happens if the aircraft has a mechanical issue?
  • What are the pilot qualifications?
  • What is the carrier’s third-party safety audit status?
  • What is the operator’s financial condition?
  • How much insurance does the carrier carry?

AB has developed a trademarked comprehensive checklist for you to utilize before your next air charter trip.